Consultation & Fees

Rettinger Law understands that every case is unique and fees are set according to the specfic neuances of each situation. Generally clients are offered a half hour free consultation. Ms. Rettinger’s standard practice is to bill hourly; however, for Estate plan drafting and adoption cases Rettinger Law generally enters into a flat fee arrangement. Upon retention of Rettinger Law services a deposit is required. The amount of the deposit will depend upon several factors. Rettinger Law bills biweekly for services rendered and draws against the deposit until all deposited funds have been exhausted; at which time you will be billed for additional fees and costs. If upon completion of services part of the deposit remains unused that portion will be returned to you. The details of the deposit are described in the fee agreement. Rettinger Law accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card, as well as cash and checks.


Family Law Rettinger law represents clients in many aspects of family law ranging from divorce, division of assets, spousal and child support, visitation, relocation, premarital and post marital agreements, military divorce, to paternity. Families in transition need a strong advocate who recognize their current priorities, along with future goals of successful co-parenting.


In California, it is sufficient for one spouse to believe there are irreconcilable differences to proceed with a divorce. Six month residency in California and three month residency in the county of your court is required to file for a divorce. If you do not meet these requirements legal separation is an immediate option for temporary orders, which includes child and spousal support, and temporary protection of assets.

Division of Assets

California is a community property state, so people who marry without a prenuptial agreement may face an equal division of community property assets, however all assets are not necessarily community property. Inheritance or large gifts may be in dispute in all or part as to their nature, separate or community character. Ms. Rettinger can help appropriately frame the character of disputed property.

Child and Spousal Support

Spouses have a mutual obligation to support each other and their minor children based on their needs and ability to pay. Rettinger Law can help make certain suitable child and spousal support is obtained through mutual agreement or in a hearing before the court.

Child Custody

It is generally deemed best for the child to have regular interaction with both parents, so the courts in California do not favor one parent over the over. Rettinger Law can assist you when child custody is an issue.


Rettinger Law can help you receive permission from court to modify an existing child custody order if one party decides to move affecting an the existing child custody order.

Pre Marital and Post Marital Agreements

It is important to plan and confirm decisions about your married life before or after the marriage occurs.

Military Divorce

Families in the military face many distinct challenges and require guidence to reach the strongest potential outcome. Rettinger Law can help guide military families through the military’s complex maze.


When a child is born outside of marriage paternity may be in issue regarding child support and visitation.


Guardianship is the process where a judge gives legal custody and/or the power to manage a child’s property to someone other than the parent of the child. A guardianship can be of the person or the estate. This is often an appropriate action to consider when parents are no longer able to care for their children.